Blood and Honey


“Blood and Honey: A Balkan War Journal” is a photo essay by a phenomenal photojournalist named Ron Haviv. Wow! I didn’t know a great deal about the Balkan War(s) before reading this book but was very interested.  I’ve now spent the past week studying his photographs (in this book) and highly recommend it if you’re interesting in why content is so important in photography.  It’s (content, that is) more than a buzz word. It means that a photo is about something.  For one particular shot in the book, Ron Haviv went out into the street to photograph a Serbian soldier kicking a bleeding civilian woman in the head, putting his own life at risk, in order to capture evidence of civilian execution.  And that’s just one example.  His superb timing, composition, and courage, are found in each shot.  Truly a work of art and something to read and learn from.  If you have the time or inclination, please check it out.



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